Automatic Line (AL-1)

"Automatic Line (AL-1)" is the first version of light installation which uses reflected light beams as a base for creating immersive spatial geometric structures. Based on a concept of "virtual factory machine" it optically changes the area where it is situated in a various ways creating new virtual shapes of space.

Version AL-1 was commissioned by Outline 2016 festival (Moscow/RU) and should be exhibited in the Art Zone on July 2–3, 2016. Unfortunately, the local authorities canceled the festival and we could only capture a brief period of the installation work during the production process. We designed a method which allows us to create a big variety of configurations of so called "reflection matrix" and reflected light beams to fit "Automatic Line" in any indoor space.

AL-1 consits of 289 reflecting plates mounted on the specially designed rotary joints which allow to configure the direction of relected light in a very precise maner. Short-throw beamer projecting a real-time generated video was used as a light source.


Making of


Concept, production and video: VOLNA
Camera: Alex Ivanuk and VOLNA
Music: COH – Sidereal As If Not pt.2
Commissioned by Outline Festival 2016
© VOLNA (2016), COH (2007)


Outline festival