Caustic Studies

The exhibition Caustic Studies in Vienna’s Gallery Zentrale was devoted to an artistic study of optical caustics—special surfaces near which fields of light increase sharply in intensity. The exposition includes seven light objects that visualize the various characteristic forms caustics take.

The objects allow for close observation of caustics’ slow generative movement on the surface of light boxes. This movement is achieved using analog methods thanks to a special design for the boxes, which was created based on study of the optical and physical properties of the various materials and shapes used in each individual object.


  • Concept, production, photo and video: VOLNA
  • Special thanks: Ulrich Aschenbrenner, William Cohen, Paul Gründorfer, Alexander Felch, Thomas Zarfl
  • Supported by Zentrale – Raum für Klang und Prozesskunst
  • © VOLNA (2019)
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