Keine Angst

Keine Angst was a hybrid party with a special dramaturgy, and audiovisual exhibition, the center of which was a large-scale spatial installation developed by a team of Austrian video artists called Neon Golden.

On May 17, 2014, as an alternative to the official program of Museum Night in St. Petersburg, Russia, VOLNA acted as a curatorial team and organized an event that brought together fans of audiovisual and musical art.

Specifically for Keine Angst, the founder of the Neon Golden collective Stefan Kainbacher and media artist Hannes Hilpold developed the concept of a spatial light installation encompassing 48 sq. meters. The installation was composed of 1,344 pieces forming a complex negative-positive parametric structure on both sides of a later partition wall of the old mansion’s ballroom. The sculpture acted as a unique three-dimensional screen while creating the illusion that this dividing wall had ceased to exist.

Throughout the course of the night, Russian musicians performed on a stage with a unique and complex design created by Neon Golden. Precise synchronization of the projections simulated the presence of a virtual architecture responsive to the music being performed by leading figures on the Russian beat-scene, including the debut performance of mysterious hip-hop producer Oligarkh (who had just blown up the internet with his album Land and Freedom), one of the most prolific new Russian musicians Micah Archangel (whose projects include Laric Surapov, Miiisha, party projects Canicool and Cops on Fire), stars of Russian juke music Raumskaya, 21 Outside and others.

The title of the party Keine Angst was less a call to not fear the outside world as a friendly invitation to abstract oneself from ordinary perception and plunge into the stream of new visual reality, music and light. The unique experience of creating such a stage design involving world-famous artists is a new format for the Russian audiovisual subculture. The event was attended by 1500 people.


  • Event organizers: VOLNA
  • Concept: Neon Golden
  • Production: VOLNA
  • Special thanks: Hello Hostel family
  • © VOLNA, Neon Golden (2014)
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