Nebula fills the space above the dance floor and bar of the club K-30 in St. Petersburg. Its image is inspired by a variety of interstellar nebulae that emit and scatter light.

Dynamic light spills through a translucent material from the top of the dance floor, creating the effect of a floating astronomical cloud that shimmers across the entire visible spectrum of colors. The installation consists of aluminum LED lines that serve as loads weighing down on a polyamide translucent fabric. The dimensions of the installation are 5×3×11 m.


  • Concept, production and video: VOLNA
  • Technical support: 2A Production
  • Lighting operator: Mark Zaicev
  • Camera and photo: Polina Korotaeva, VOLNA, Denis Denisov
  • Special thanks: Denis Filippov, James Ginzburg
  • Commissioned by Roots United
  • © VOLNA (2021)
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