This light installation was created for the concert hall in AF Brew Taproom and craft-brewery, which is located on the premises of a 200-year-old brewery in St. Petersburg. The city’s trendiest beer is currently created here, and the ancient vaults are lit up by the glare of high-tech lighting that serves as a backdrop to performances by some of the city’s best independent musical acts.

The installation consists of 48 1.5-meter steel tubes equipped with LED stripes. As a permanent stage setup, the installation includes a number of preset animations but is also designed to be versatile and is built in a way that allows future VJs and light-engineers to use the installation as a low-resolution LED screen or a set of DMX-driven stage lights for live concerts and parties.


  • Concept, production and video: VOLNA
  • Camera and photo: Polina Korotaeva, VOLNA
  • Commissioned by AF Brew Taproom
  • © VOLNA (2018)