OFF:Port Party Architectural Concept

The port (i.e. a commercial maritime facility) was the core concept behind the first OFF party in 2018. It took place on February 23 in the Vasilievsky Island harbor on the territory of the former production sector of the Sevkabel factory. The port itself, like most of the rave parties, is a city within the city and has its own independent infrastructure. The total area of the event space was 2500 square meters. It included two pavilions with dancefloors, four bars and several recreation areas and promenades.

The main goal of the event’s temporary architecture was to create a space that represents the aesthetics of the port, with its own peculiar "sovereignty." In order to complement the initial concept with details that could be put together on a minimal budget, it incorporated elements of the existing environment of the factory (cable reels, cranes, warehouse equipment). In one form or another, the images of the pier itself, boats, barges, sails, cranes, chains, containers, tackles, promenades and dark alleys were all present in the design, imbuing the entire party space with the port’s characteristic atmosphere.

Our priorities in implementing the architectural concept included using low-cost materials, secondary resources and methods of rapid construction. The architectural project, which also included lighting for the space and two stages, was completed in four days in partnership with 2A Production Company.


Making of


Event organizer: Roots United
Architectural and lighting concept: VOLNA
Production: VOLNA, 2A Production
Photo: VOLNA, Ivan Chernov
Video: VOLNA
Camera: Pavel Machikhin, Polina Korotaeva
Music: Asmus Tietchens - In die Nacht
© VOLNA (2018), Asmus Tietchens (1984)