OFF:Port light concept

For the party OFF by Roots United, which took place on February 23rd, 2018 at Sevkabel on Vasilievsky Island, we created two temporary stage pavilions that were 600 and 300 sq. meters in area. The unique facade decoration for each zone was determined by the ambiance of the music played inside.

Each dance floor also had a different illumination concept. Volumetric light structures and patterns made with 32 kinetic light beams along with intense techno music defined the vibe of the main dance floor. Light scenarios were made in order to emphasise the triangular shape of the stage. The combination of warm fill lights and an installation of 48 custom-built LED lines spread out along the perimeter of the second stage created a compact space that was more suitable for disco and house music.


  • Event organizer: Roots United
  • Architectural and lighting concept: VOLNA
  • Production: VOLNA, 2A Production
  • Video: VOLNA
  • Camera: Polina Korotaeva
  • © VOLNA (2018)
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