VOLNA is an artist collective from St. Petersburg, Russia focused on media and visual art. We are creative individuals coming from different backgrounds in the fields of architecture, design, art and cultural studies who are brought together by a shared addiction for transforming – and artistically deforming – spaces and meanings.

Since 2014, we implementing large and small-scale projects traversing the fields of visual art and design, animation, video, architecture and scenography, as well as comprehensive promo campaigns and presentation events for our projects. Our cross-media approach and an extensive network of partners, collaborators – and enablers – make it possible for us to quickly and competently create extraordinary projects.

Our main passion is creating ambitious and large-scale light installations and custom-built electronics. When working with light, we place a priority on minimalistic shapes and clear, expressive animations. When creating objects for festivals, exhibitions or other suitable occasions, we try to deeply incorporate the event’s context into our works, which can also function as stand-alone objects. We attach great importance to each stage of work on our projects, beginning with concept development and visualization and continuing throughout the entire production cycle, including assembly, programming and documentation.

We enjoy grappling with complex tasks that bring together different artistic approaches, subcultural mores and fields of media design. We employ what we call a "context specific ideology," meaning that we seek to fill the space between an artistic object and its viewers with numerous details that create a unique environment for our perceptions.

Feel free to contact us anytime at hey@volna-media.com


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