VOLNA is an artist collective from St. Petersburg/Russia focused on media-art and visual stuff. Our team consists of creative individuals with different backgrounds in the fields of architecture, design, art and cultural studies and a shared addiction to transform and deform spaces and meanings.

We love to deal with the complex tasks combining artistic solutions with the subcultural codes and designed media fields. Aesthetics of our works are closely related to the context of the places and trends, but also to the very process of realization. We call this "context specific ideology" in terms of how we create and represent our work. This means that we don't only work on installation (event, design-concepts, e.t.c.) production but also create of project-related elements: visual identity, graphics, videos, sound, promo-campaigns. This approach helps us to create a unique world, where the main project and it's environment exist in their own harmony and logic.

We always consider the economical and technical sides of each project, go deep into the production process and aren't afraid of getting dirty. No matter how exquisite the project looks in the end, we know it's messy background. Through this approach, we intentionally create challenges for ourselves, and in facing these challenges we meet new friends and collaborators and reach our goal together.

We love to fill the space between viewers and an object with numerous details that create a unique environment of perception. Behind each object we create - be it a small sticker with an illustration or a party with a fifteen meter light installation - there is a story that makes it stand out from others.

Feel free to contact us anytime at hey@volna-media.com