VOLNA is a wayward studio that produces visually and technologically advanced artworks—on demand and for their own sake—that serve as models for the aesthetics and functionality of the future. Formed as a media artists collective in 2016, VOLNA acts as a studio that creates cutting-edge art and design using a wide and ever-expanding array of media and technologies.


We comprehend the physical world, respond conceptually to challenges, advocate for our vision and multiply expertise in a variety of fields covering creative engineering, visual communication, architecture and design, hardware and software development, as well as the complete production cycle including management and implementation. We work primarily on real world creations but don’t mind playing with the digital sometimes. Or mixing the two in intriguing ways.

Our cross-media approach and extensive network of partners and collaborators make it possible for us to quickly and competently create and implement large-scale installations and even entire environments​​, design objects with unique functionality, exhibitions and stage design projects, and to navigate through all of this with our rogue approach to art direction.