The stage design for the showcase of the Intergalatiс FM radio station was conceived of as a response both to the station’s name and as an expression of universal love for everything unearthly. In incorporating the retro futuristic aesthetics of the Dutch radio station Intergalatiс FM, which first "landed" in St. Petersburg this year, we were inspired by “Aelita,” a silent Soviet film from the 1930s about space travel. With this in mind, we created our first planetary system: 16 small satellites orbiting around a glowing Saturn, which is easily recognizable by its three flickering rings.

Intergalatiс FM celebrated its 10 year anniversary during the party OFF by Roots United: Fabrika, which was held on April 29, 2018 in the space "Port of Sevkabel." In addition to the Intergalactic FM stage itself, we designed the decorations and architecture for all the party areas, as well as the main stage, for which the kinetic installation "Coulisse" was made.


Making of


Event organizer: Roots United
Stage design: VOLNA
Production: VOLNA, 2A Production
Video: VOLNA
Camera: Bulat Sharipov
Photo: VOLNA, Ivan Chernov
Music: Joni Void — Doppler
© VOLNA (2018), Joni Void (2017)


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