The large-scale kinetic light installation Empyrean was created as a stage design for 59°57′/ 30°19′, a showcase in Moscow organized by St. Petersburg promoter Roots United, which took place on October 19th, 2019 at the Mutabor club in Moscow.

The idea and name for the installation is based on the Empyrean, an ancient cosmological image of a higher heaven filled with light and flames. This is a place occupied by celestial bodies that consist of pure light and exist in constant motion while simultaneously being in a state of eternal rest.

The installation uses 216 moving luminaries to depict this abstract cosmological world as it descends down into the earthly world—in this case a dance floor from which we can observe the heavenly harmony above.


  • Concept and production: VOLNA, 2A Production
  • Video and photo: VOLNA
  • Lighting operator: Mark Zaicev
  • Commissioned by Roots United
  • © VOLNA (2019)
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