Fluchtpunkte (Vanishing Points) is a light installation that symbolically explores the transformative nature of our existence. As people traverse space and time, their perspectives continually change, offering new insights into the reality they experience. Conversely, they are also constantly placed in new contexts by the world around them, which is constantly changing.

The idea of the installation was inspired by the Baroque layout of the city of Karlsruhe, which is based on the perspectival construction of streets arranged in a radiating pattern towards the castle or the sun. This was one of the most popular urban planning approaches in the 18th century. Art from this era was also feverishly searching for new means of expression. One of the discoveries and most famous techniques of the Baroque period was the use of perspectival constructions with two points of convergence. This is what made it possible to give dynamics and depth to two-dimensional painting space. Compared to the well-known one-vanishing-point perspective, which had prevailed in the Renaissance, two vanishing points opened up new possibilities for creating and depicting cityscapes with strong dramaturgical expression.

Using two laser projectors facing each other and a series of narrow black dividing screens placed between them, the installation Fluchtpunkte unfolds as an abstract representation of this transformative journey. The interplay between ephemeral colored light surfaces and outlines creates a compelling visual narrative inspired by baroque two-point perspective studies, encouraging viewers to embrace the idea of constant change and to question the supposed supratemporality of their own perspective.

The installation's light scenario features two vanishing points using two laser projectors and perspective beams directed at each other. At their intersection, the illusion of a three-dimensional object is created, which we recognize as such only thanks to how we perceive perspective.


  • Concept and project: VOLNA
  • Production: VOLNA, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and Felix Pausch
  • Location: TRIANGEL Open Space Karlsruhe
  • Laser safety officer: Manuel Weber
  • Photo and video: VOLNA
  • Music: Sergey Kostyrko
  • Funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Karlsruhe within the framework of UNESCO City of Media Arts
  • With friendly support of Unity Lasers
  • Special thanks to: Per Brand, Daniela Burkhard, Sebastian Schneider, Manuel Weber, Clara Runge, Philipp Ziegler, Daria Mille, Korbinian Saur, Lea Hocker, Martin Baumeister, William Cohen, Jason Strudler
  • Very special thanks to: Haus Daheim and personally Jens und Matze
  • Part of the exhibition Media Art is Here (2023)
  • © VOLNA (2023)
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