Malachite is a light installation created for a party that took place in St. Petersburg on the night of September 23rd, 2017. It was a part of the stage and located behind the DJ booth.

The project was inspired by the mosaic masterpieces that can be found in the interiors of pre-revolutionary aristocratic buildings in St. Petersburg. A number of stonemasons from that period used thin and carefully selected slices of malachite to decorate inner walls and interior details with massive black-green patterns. We used a combination of green laser lights and artificial haze to produce a similar effect.

We developed a lightweight module-based system that consisted of 33 triangular aluminium frames with a green laser mounted inside each segment. The modules were assembled in a two-dimensional structure measuring 5×5 meters and shaped like a diamond that was mounted on the ceiling. Generative laser animation was synchronised with DJ sets in real time.

This set of triangle modules makes it possible to create a wide variety of flat and volumetric structures, providing flexibility while creating shapes and easy setup at the venue.


  • Concept, production and video: VOLNA
  • Camera and photo: Polina Korotaeva, VOLNA
  • Special thanks: Sergey Kostyrko, Denis Moskalev, Viktor Smolenskiy, Katerina Morza, Egor Elnickiy, Joshua Eustis
  • Commissioned by Roots United
  • © VOLNA (2017)
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