The light installation "Octave" was created for the concert hall in AF Brew Taproom and craft-brewery, which is located on the premises of a 200-year-old brewery in St. Petersburg. This is where the city’s trendiest beer is currently created, and the ancient vaults are lit up by the glare of high-tech lighting that serves as a backdrop to performances by some of the city’s best independent musical acts.

The installation consists of 48 1.5 meter steel tubes equipped with LED stripes. It was created as part of the venue’s permanent stage setup and includes a number of preset animations from VOLNA. The installation was designed to be versatile and is built in a way that allows future VJs and light-engineers to use the installation as a low-resolution LED screen or a set of DMX-driven stage lights at future events (live concerts and parties).

Making of


Concept, production and video: VOLNA
Music: Mittagspause
Camera/photo: Polina Korotaeva, Alexander Gutakovsky and VOLNA
Created for: AF Brew Taproom, St. Petersburg
© VOLNA (2018)