Pack Màgic Mobile Luminaries

This set of mobile, self-contained lighting elements was designed for Catalan film distributor Pack Màgic for use in film screenings and festivals for children. Suitable for any cinema, screening room or even outdoors, the elements can be arranged in a variety of configurations in order to create a unique viewing atmosphere.

In breaks between films, these 20 specially programmed fireflies create a dramatic story about the birth and life of a character called Kinosaurus, in the process teaching children about the world of cinema and visual culture.

The elements take the form of tripods with an egg-shaped LED-diffuser on top. 3D-printing technology enabled us to produce a mechanism that folds up easily and quickly. The 10 different light programmes can be switched through by remote control over Wi-Fi.


  • Concept and production: VOLNA
  • Photo and video: VOLNA
  • Special thanks: Lev Goloviznin
  • Commissioned by Drac Màgic
  • © VOLNA (2021)
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