This was an audio reactive installation created for a party that took place in St. Petersburg on April 22, 2017. It was located in an abandoned workshop at an engineering factory on the outskirts of the city.

The installation was inspired by the relics of industrial power and its potential, which were abandoned and forgotten for many years. With the end of the industrial age, former factories fell into disrepair. Some housed small semi-legal businesses, while many turned into vandalized ruins. Powerline was meant to represent a short circuit caused by these circumstances.

The installation consists of 220-meters of electroluminescent wire mounted on 6 steel frames. Driven by а generative beat structure, the visible lines create a throbbing 15 meter “voltaic arc” that fills the space with electric buzz and light.


  • Concept, production, sound design and video: VOLNA
  • Camera and photo: Polina Korotaeva
  • Commissioned by Roots United
  • © VOLNA (2017)
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