Present Perfect Festival 2019

In 2019 we continued to work on the next edition of the Present Perfect Festival with 2A Production and Roots United team. Held annually each summer in St. Petersburg, the Present Perfect Festival is the most influential electronic music festivals in Russia. This year's festival occupied new Sevkabel factory territories, which was mostly unused until now. We designed most of the festival spaces and zones, including three stages: Main stage, Boiler Room and Red Light Radio stage. Garden stage was designed in collaboration with Rhizome architectural bureau. We also created the large-scale kinetic light installation “Duel” as a special project.

This year’s festival theme, "game", is understood as a collective and individual action in an illusory space, the form and content of which is determined by its participants and game conventions. Hyperbole and metaphors of the game create a fictional world where familiar objects and phenomena appear in an unusual form. The game denies pragmatism and aims to declare idleness. It establishes connections between people and helps them to see each other in a new way.

Different approaches of toy and game design became the inspiration for the festival’s stage and thematic areas design. Stages and zones of the festival are the sides of a multidimensional Rubik’s cube, offering visitors their own "mini-game". Some of them directly address the "toy" and “game” themes, others are devoted to the study of a variety of game theories and concepts, and the third raise in absolute any principle of game conventionality.

Main stage

This year’s main stage was designed according to the rules of theatre play. Rotating platform at its base helped us to create a unique set design for each DJ or live-act.

Boiler Room stage

Boiler Room stage was designed like a playroom where one wants to go back, even as an adult. During the day, the sunshine passed through the different levels of roof and casted colored shadows on the dance floor. At night the scene was full of lights of authentic “light-music” devices from the 80s. The nostalgic character of scenography is created by a lot of artifacts of the past epochs, standing on shelves and in the bar zone.

Red Light Radio stage

Located in the hottest venue of the festival, this stage resembled visitors an interior of underground fight-club with its tribunes, warm lights and the fighting ring, of course.

Garden stage

The main idea behind the garden stage was to create artificial futuristic garden, which, thanks to a new location, existed in harmony with real trees on the seaside.


The kinetic light installation "Duel" takes inspiration from the idea that ​​conflict can act as a driving force. The concept of duality finds expression in the installation’s achromatic color scheme, as well as in its construction and form. The installation’s main elements are 16 discs, all nearly flat and each with two opposite sides: one dark and one light. The opposites are in a constant state of “dueling” with each other, and all their attempts to reach one another instead result in continuous three-dimensional rotation. One recognizes in this movement the characteristic twists and turns of a coin that has been tossed into the air. The die has been cast, but the contest has not been decided yet. The discs’ movement through the air creates choreographed scenes with lights and shadows moving across space--the byproduct of a confrontation between two opposite and yet interconnected principles.

Other zones


Event organizer: Roots United
Art direction: VOLNA
Production: 2A Production, VOLNA
Photo: Valeria Korchagina, Denis Denisov, Ivan Chernov, Liza Medunetskaya, Oleg Korolevskiy, Konstantin Kondruhov, Polina Korotaeva, VOLNA
© VOLNA (2019), 2A Production (2019), Roots United (2019)


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Present Perfect Festival 2019
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