The Biggest One ★ teaser

The NEUBAU exhibition opening was initially planned for January 3rd, 2016, so we had to finish all production and assembly before Christmas and New Year celebrations. In the end, this schedule lent itself to the idea of putting together a new year’s party that included the NEUBAU installation as a platform for live visuals before its exhibition as a stand-alone art object. We put together a party entitled The Biggest One ★.

There is a certain irony in this title because the phrase “the biggest one” is a tacky cliché that is frequently used in the Russian media to enthusiastically describe a whole range of exceedingly banal events, ranging from new prisons to rural bus stop openings. With a nod to this, our visitors were invited to bring in the new year on a stairway, reveling in the spirit and taste of the grim suburbs by drinking beer from huge plastic bottles and dancing under NEUBAU.


  • Concept, production and video: VOLNA
  • Starring: Mashenka
  • Music: DJ Vadim – The Terrorist
  • © VOLNA (2015), DJ Vadim (1999)
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