Present Perfect Festival 2018

Beginning in 2018, VOLNA has worked on light and architectural projects for parties organized by Roots United. During this time, we collaborated with 2A Production to bring to life numerous scenographic ideas, including the Intergalactic FM stage, the main stages and several recreation areas for OFF events. The next phase in this collaboration was the Present Perfect Festival 2018, for which we designed all stages and event zones.

Held annually each summer in St. Petersburg, the Present Perfect Festival is the one of the largest electronic music festivals in Russia. In 2018 the festival changed locations for the first time in its history, moving from the Street Art Museum to the former Sevkabel factory, which at that time was just beginning its transformation into a creative space. The lineup that year included more than 50 live acts and DJ sets from artists from all over the world. We occupied nearly all the space in this massive factory for the festival, creating five different stages, numerous chill-out zones with unique designs and themes, food courts and other recreational areas for more than 10000 visitors.

Our role included general planning for the event, creating designs and lighting solutions for the main stage, the Boiler Room stage, the garden stage, an Afrofuturistic chill-out room and art direction for all other festival areas.

The idea of a perfect present, intuited from the festival’s title, became a reference point for our team while working on the festival’s design and inspired us to create a kind of time machine in the form of the audiovisual installation Rotor.


  • Event organizer: Roots United
  • Art direction: VOLNA
  • Production: 2A Production, VOLNA
  • Aftermovie teaser and video:
  • Photo: Ivan Chernov, Maxim Panfilov
  • © VOLNA (2018), 2A Production (2018), Roots United (2018), (2018)
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